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New Tool Song Part. :)

Huh. Peeps be speculatin and shit. I don’t care its sounds that make the dopamine flow cause I enjoy it and like it and stuff. On the album, not on the album Its just wonderful to hear some kind of new sounds from my favorite band, knowing that they’re trying to work on new Material. Stop worrying about what its supposed to be, or what it will be, Tool fans need to learn to appreciate it for what it is.

If Girls Used Pickup Lines like Men

And this is what women don’t understand about us. If a girl said that to me I would be so into her on a personal level for being a sexy assertive woman who’s going for what she wants that it would totally work. Now that’s just me, I’m into assertive girls, female sexuality is attractive to me, and so is confidence and assertiveness , put the two together and oh damn. I’m a big dude I don’t like to be pushy and make the first move. Its pretty much always ended badly when I made the first move because I misread signs and thought a chick was into me when she wasn’t, or not like I thought. And I’ve talked to a lot of other guys where that’s happened to them. I think things would go a lot smoother in these bar/social outing situations if girls were the ones making the moves.

Now that aside, any guy who’s cheesy and lame enough to use pickup lines would also probably be way into that, probably for some of the same reasons I mentioned above, or just because some hot chick is telling them to put their bone in her. This works on two levels, the simple idiot is just happy that a girl wants his bone, the guy with a functioning brain(like me and my other socially awkward fellows) would be happy to see a girl make the move and would be happy being pursued at all. Kinda a win win I think.

I’m no sociology expert but I think if the roles were all of a sudden reversed, guys for the most part would be okay with that. I think more guys would like to be the one pursued than the ones pursuing more than they might let on. Guys are easy to figure out, women aren’t. So really I think things would work a lot better in modern post civil rights era society if women did stop sitting there waiting for a guy to buy her a drink, and make the move and do it the other way around. You know how we work and what we want much more than we know you. I know I’m generalizing, but this whole point is based of generalizations, the whole conversation is. So yeah. Girls, make the first move, we’d probably all be happier for it,so my experience tells me.

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